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Brick Fireplace

We live separate from nature, from one another, and even mentally from our own spirits and bodies. We live with “symptoms” of pain, exhaustion, and numbness. 


But there is nothing random about these symptoms… they are messages. The messages are the root of a story about what we experience. The body needs shelter, fire, water, food, friends and purpose. And it needs to be witnessed on a spiritual level and have the story of these symptoms be heard.


I am here to listen. 



I heard a story of a woman living in an island village. She tends to her business, her home, her herb garden and her children. She lives with the cycles of the season and calendar of the moon.  Plants dry from her ceiling and bread is baking. She laughs by the fire at night with friends, drinking delicious things. She lives in community, close to nature.  When someone needs support in some healing way, she clears her kitchen table, takes off her apron and uses her hands in the good way. When the session is over, both client and healer live in reciprocity as neighbors and friends.


This is how I offer authentic, human-to-human medicine.

Strip away the labels, offices, and hierarchy. 

Get to the root of Seeing the reality of living with our bodies. 


For 22 years I have worked on all ages, in all stages of being human, from birth to pregnancy to chronic illness and dying. I no longer speak in terms of nervous system or anatomy. It is simple dialogue with my hands, your breath, and guiding words that help you see the simultaneous spiritual body.


A few times a month, I will open my home to the community around Nevada City, California. 

I will probably have bread baking. There will not be any of the separations of you as a client, in an office, in a farce of professionalism. It is just me as all of me and you as all of you. The vision is to return us to healing as a part of the everyday, as a part of just who we are, as a part of community.


I will lead you on a journey into your spiritual body. When therapeutic pressure is needed for a tissue, we go there. When a lymphatic draining is needed, we go there. When you need to move stuck energy, we go there. All with your permission. All with your awareness. You will See what you are willing to See, what you are carrying and how to transmute it. Sometimes this happens instantly and sometimes it is the catalyst for a slow unwind. 

"Megan is a true wise woman! A true healer. The things she can see and sense in people… it’s amazing! I’m just in awe of this powerful woman. I have incorporated many of the tools into my life."

  ~Mai Hermes

The boundaries, of course, are that we respect one another's reality. It is important that you respect my family home as I respect you coming home back into your body. 


There will be no charts or written intake. My memory lives in my hands. There will be no follow up. The time we share together is the right amount of time. You are always welcome to come back the following month, join the group healing circle, or request a Spiritual Counseling session to mentally unpack your experience. 


Sessions will be paid sliding scale as *”gift" cash donations between $130 - $300, offered before your session. There must be a balanced exchange for this to be clean between us. There will be a ritual done around the money you gift, before for your session, which will allow you to learn to give and receive resources from a good place. 


Additionally, please bring a small gift for the community members that will also be receiving sessions that month, and expect to receive gifts in return that were given by others. Examples would be fresh fruit, written affirmations,100% pure unscented beeswax candles, or another offering of your genius. This offering is truly the community medicine of “togetherness” that is only made possible by you.

Green Forest

“My mom just went to you and came back glowing with tears in her eyes. I asked her how much it cost when she said I should also go to you and she said, ‘I don’t remember. But honestly, I would have paid a million dollars for what Megan just did.’”

- L.M.

“Do you know what you are doing for others? Do you know how it feels to be wrapped up in your Love in these sessions? I felt totally accepted and warm and was not expecting to be led on such a journey in such a short time. It was more effective than all the talk therapy I did after having breast cancer. Also, when you hum the songs… It’s transportive. I can’t wait to do this again. Thank you. Thank you.”

- B.A.

“I knew coming to you was going to do something but I didn’t know what. It’s been 4 days since I saw you and I feel like I am beginning a transformation and that the session was the catalyst. I have been able to be so vulnerable with the people around me and really see some patterns that have long held me back from living in my body. Also, where I felt numb before, emotions just keep coming up, like they were suppressed and now they have a space to go. I really don’t have the words to express my gratitude.”

Tyler S.

“It was almost strange to be introduced to the Deep Knowing my Spiritual Body had. You would ask a question and then it was immediate answering, like completely bypassing my mind. There was such a clarity. I don’t usually experience that, usually the opposite because I overthink everything. Oh! And my energy was so low (I was so tired!) and then I felt like I had this really smooth energy to handle one of the bigger weeks of my year.”

Nan P.


Please follow the link to book your slot for this coming month.You will leave changed.

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