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Pregnant is defined in many ways: carrying a fetus or fetuses within the womb; full of meaning or significance; inventive or imaginative; prolific or fruitful.

Mothers, you hold in you not only a growing baby but a vision for what the birth of your dreams could be. You are a powerful, intuitive creature by design, but hunger for mother mentorship to guide you on your pregnancy journey. There is something vital missing from your medical prenatal visits… namely, the holistic prenatal care of your mothering soul. Those pee strips just don’t quite hit the mark for feeling like your entire being is being cared for, right?


Pregnancy is a time of great transformation. No other time so acutely reveals how the mind, body and soul are so interconnected and so interdependent with nature. The 10 lunar months that your womb carries are also 10 lunar months where you can let go of what has weighed on your soul until now.


Spiritual Prenatal sessions are structured around what is present or triggered for you in both body and mind. With gentle questions for reflection, nature-based guidance and energy healing, your prenatal care is elevated to serve you as you claim the central role of Love in your family. Sessions take place as Spirit Walks under the trees of Nevada City* or virtually if you are not local. 


Spiritual themes of inquiry include:


  • What are your fears around birth and are they true? 

  • In what ways are your adaptive traits of the past limiting your possibility in birth?

  • How can you increase blood and strength to your womb through natural movement?

  • How is your relationship with food nourishing you?

  • When triggered, what stories does the victim in your head tell you?

  • What does your dream birth look like?

  • How can you learn to trust your intuition?

  • What are the medical tests and procedures that align for your pregnancy journey? 



To birth freely, you must set yourself free of the unknown chains that hold you back from experiencing your own rebirth as a Mother. 

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