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“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

– Gary Snyder


Spirit Walks are a divine opportunity to take your sessions to nature. Together, you and I will walk beneath the trees of Round Mountain in Nevada City and/or along the sacred Uba Seo (Yuba River).


Under the protection of the forest, you can say nothing wrong, you can feel nothing wrong and you can do nothing wrong. The rocks and trees and waters are unfettered by your unfiltered emotion. The very motion of walking, with your eyes scanning the horizon as your body moves forward naturally in space, is one of the most scientifically effective ways to process stress. 


Your nervous system communicates to all the cells in your body via electricity. You are, quite literally, walking energy. After a Spirit Walk in Nature, you will find so many positive changes including: boosted immune system, lowered blood pressure, reduced stress, improved mood, increased focus, accelerated recovery from surgery or illness, increased energy levels and improved sleep. 


Spirit Walks are also a perfect compliment to the Wombyn Bodywork sessions. 


With a degree in dance, a background in massage, and a love of biomechanics, Mother Megan can give you insight as to how your unconscious movement patterns are affecting how you live in your body. 


The forest always welcomes you.

Come back to Nature.

Come Home.

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