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***Note: Pregnancy Massage available to Birth and Postpartum clients only 

There is nothing better than a massage during pregnancy. 

Come nestle into a custom massage table for pregnant women and let your body be nurtured by a seasoned prenatal bodyworker. 

Not only will we give attention to your aches and pains, but also help you integrate the way your body is carrying your pregnancy. We leave space to gently discuss any energetic stagnation during this time as well. 

"I got a massage from @midwife.for.the.soul... I highlllyy recommend her to my pregnant mama friends in the area! Such deeply nourishing and supportive body work for these times of transformation. Thank you so much, Megan!"

~ Aanyea, pregnant mother


Pregnant Photography

I am delighted to welcome you to my table, in the setting of your own home, in Nevada City, California  during your spiritual prenatals or post partum visits. We will connect first over a 15-minute phone conversation prior to your initial appointment. Please anticipate an approximately 20-minute postural alignment assessment at the start of your first appointment. We will then spend 75 minutes calling you back into your body with my signature Whole-Body Wombyn Massage™.


On a warm table of organic linen, only the most therapeutic and sustainably-harvested oils and lotions are used on your body. With a method of therapeutic cupping, acupressure, and deep intuition of where your energetic blockages are, we follow your breath down the path of embodied self-awareness. 

"I am your client for life. Honest. You are my favorite massage therapist ever."

  ~Kristin T., Pregnant Mother

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