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The 3 Guarantees

Dearest One,

You are so precious, loved and supposed to be here now. We know this is true because your body is a phenomenal genius miracle, love is divinely everpresent, and you are here at this time on this beautiful planet.

Our moment here for living is strange and sweet and painful. As you read this, perhaps your world is full of unknowns. Humans have that gift to envision the future, but we always avoid the inevitable guarantees.

The guarantees:

  1. You will be born.

  2. If you are a pregnant woman, you will give birth.

  3. You will die.

These are the only guarantees because they are natural, biological facts. The busyness comes when we try to create guarantees that are not within the realm of biology or nature. And our suffering comes from the story that we are special in what will be guaranteed or not guaranteed to us.

#1 You Will Be Born. Incredible. You will grow for an unknown number of days in a womb that was formed in your grandmother’s womb. How many days you are held in this womb is unknown. Perhaps it is only a few nights. Perhaps a moon. Perhaps 10 moons.

While we can be assured you will be born, we do not know the state of your mindbodysoul at your entrance. Perhaps you came to live your purpose in those few nights you were in that pulsing endometrium. Perhaps you were an early birth, you and the womb in agreement of an early release, and were not meant to join this world this time. Perhaps you grew, as mammals tend to do, and were as prepared as you could be in your birth season. And maybe you took a breath.

Breath isn’t guaranteed but if you are reading this, bless each of your unconscious breaths to the point where you are able to contemplate and complicate your life. How many breaths you have is one of those incredible unknowns- an uncertainty that haunts a modern society so deeply that they miss out on experiencing true exhale.

If you have made it to physical maturity as a woman and happen to become pregnant, the guarantee #2 is Birth Will Happen. Your own early watery existence as an embryo taught you in this motherly state that there are no guarantees with this pregnancy except that you will give birth. It could happen after 12 weeks as an early birth. It could happen 43 weeks after the Original Cells were joined. Your experiences, feelings and stories about your experiences and feelings will be individual to you. The meaning around your pregnancy will be personal. How we respond to this guarantee of inevitable birth has everything to do with how we have spiritually negotiated Guarantee #3.

3. You will, of course, without exception, pass away from this life. Death is not something any of us can escape, nor does it need escaping. There is the option to embrace it as the tool for understanding how you want to align your life. In a culture where birth is industrialized and death is ignored, it is understandable that you have found yourself gripping to the story that there could be other guarantees.

But the reality of the certainty of death does not mean that this life is futile. Your existence here will have a rippling effect through time, so your anxiety about legacy is only a story if you wish to hang onto it. The way you interact with the ancient waters that have been here for all earthly time, the way you create a rhythm for meaning in your life, the way you eat the food grown by the good sun star, and hopefully, the way you loved… that energy can never be recreated or destroyed. The pure grace of opportunity to live is hardly the moment for apathy.

And these, sweet One, are our only guarantees. Perhaps there is relief in knowing these are the only ones? The limited number of Knowns is clarifying… whatever presumption of external control you have is a story we each tell ourselves. What we actually can “control” is how we respond to the next unknown breath.

The simplicity and difficulty in that is the Practice of Living.

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