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Individual Spiritual Counseling

You have arrived at the crossroads and it feels like a heavy twist of fate. 


This is the biggest challenge of your life: a loss of a parent or child, a betrayal in your relationship, a pending marriage or separation, a traumatic birth. Alone, you wrestle with this turmoil as your mind loops on “what ifs” and “should haves”. It seems like your friends don’t know how to support you. They tell you, “you should get some help”. You do not have a shaman or a mentor or a wise elder to guide you. However, the medical psychiatric and talk therapy sessions just do not feel like they are the way to get through this. You are lonely, stuck, and don’t know what to do or where to turn. You are exhausted with constantly questioning if what happened to you is a punishment…


...or if this is an awakening.


Whatever hacks you have used in the past are no longer cutting it. You feel ready to find support from someone who will not pathologize you or throw a prescription at you.

Deep within you, you know there is personal meaning to be found in this suffering. 

And here you are - seeking spiritual counsel from someone who won't judge you, truly listens and holds space as you navigate your darkness. 


You need a spiritual guide. 


When you get to an unmapped portion of your life, it can feel lonely but You Are Not Lost. Life has just presented the opportunity for you to heal and find a new elevated understanding of freedom. The process is personal and self-paced. 


As your Spiritual Counselor, Mother Megan holds space for you to navigate your triggers for what seems most present. The model of spiritual exploration comes from Spirit and follows a form of gentle unveiling.


Megan will gently guide you through practices and modalities that support your current phase. She utilizes techniques learned from studying with masters such as Mantak Chia, indigenous healers and wisemen, shamans, authentic midwives, and religious leaders from many belief systems. Additionally, she weaves in the work of Byron Katie and tools of conscious leadership. 

Megan follows a self-channeled, tried and transformationally true method of spiritual guiding that supports you unraveling your pain into freedom.


Sessions can include tools such as:

  • Guided Meditation and Visualization

  • Taoist Breathwork

  • Storytelling

  • Embodied Practices

  • Physical Sensation and Awareness methods

  • The Dynamic Art of Grieving

  • Ceremony

  • Ritual

  • Witnessing

  • Energetic Healings and Clearings

  • Working with your Spirit Guides and Ancestors

  • Physical Sound and Movement Expression


In your Spiritual Counseling Sessions, Megan holds space and offers guidance as you navigate your dark night and spiritual awakening. In meeting all the parts of yourself, light and dark, you can start to live your Truth.


"This past year turned my life upside down and I struggled to find my new way forward. It was in this dark place that I was blessed to connect with Megan. She joined me in my sadness and helped me to identify some of the stories that were preventing me from seeing clearly and moving forward. She listened, with no judgement, as I said all  the words that had been constantly spinning in my head, consuming my thoughts and stealing my peace. Having the freedom to say all of it, allowed me to identify what was true."

  ~J.O., Mother

Mother Megan is here to Walk with you in all that your soul desires to have witnessed.

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