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radical birth keeping

A Radical Birth Keeper is a witness, one who holds the birthing process in the highest sacred regard, respects physiology, and fully trusts birth. 


Choosing to birth naturally and in your autonomy is a true journey. On the way, you learn to take full responsibility for your life and the beauty you manifest in it. 


I look to you and your instinct.


Instinct = Intelligence


I trust you to learn your body.


I believe that you want to shift from your fear-based narratives to heart-centered decisions.


I hold witness to your sovereignty. It is beautiful.


I share the hormonal blueprint of physiological birth and know you are smart and will do with the information what you deem best.


I see that you are taking your prenatal selfcare seriously and with curiosity.


And I am here for it.


That is what kind of Birth Keeper I am.

"Megan was the perfect birth keeper.  She met us right where each of us were on our individual and collective journeys.  I will always remember her sitting across the room in silent, reverent witness as I pulled my babe down from the stars.  Deeply trusting him, and me, and us to allow things to unfold just as they were meant to be."

  ~Chelsea Bray, Mother

I hold space for your birth and beyond: 


As a Birth Keeper, I offer parents mental mastery toolkits. I guide you on integrating these tools into your daily life so that when the time comes to birth, you are prepared on physical, mental, and spiritual levels as individuals and partners. 


Birth Keeping begins with an envisioning process that becomes so clear, you feel grateful for the life that is coming as if it were already here. It is a time to connect to your creativity and relearn how to play with possibility.


Then you build the trail to this life you are nurturing.

This is the work of healing the inner child and reparenting.

This is the goodness in finding the unconscious scripts that hold us back and identifying the aspects of our ego that no longer serve our higher visions for ourselves.

This is the sweetness in learning to access intuition.


And then learning to live it. 


I teach you to see how the aspects of your life align, and physically show you how to make microshifts to a more aligned state of physical well being.


All of these tools go beyond birth… They lay the foundation to uplevel your whole life.


Birth Keeper Package:

  • 4 Prenatal connections

  • 1 Birth Team preparation communion

  • On-call for your birthing window

  • Birth Attendance

  • 3 Postpartum visits

  • 1 Mother Integration Ceremony with Closing of the Bones

*Radical Birth Keeping is available only to mother's living near Nevada City, CA.

"Having Megan‘s loving and intuitive care during my postpartum time was more nourishing than I could have imagined. I was treated like a queen, like every woman deserves after giving birth. And her ability to connect with what’s happening in my body is incredible."

  ~Celia Mai, Mother

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