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What is a Blessingway? 

Different than the commercialized baby shower, the Blessingway is a ceremony that centers the mother. Her selected group of good women join together in a 90-minute communion through blessings, prayers and moon mocktails. The unique virtual setting of this Blessingway allows for all the women that have loved you to connect with the mother from any place on the planet.

The blessings are spoken in the mother's reflection of strength, softness and beauty. Words so potent that they remind the woman of her eternal wholeness and wildness. As another birth keeper said, these are words uttered intentionally usually only after someone dies. But this is the chance to hear how deeply you affect people and listen to the reflections of their love for you. 

It is so profound. I wish every woman could have birthing blessings spoken into her.


The world would shift on its axis if each mother was centered in reverence through her Blessingway.

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To the Mother,

I am astounded at your abundance.

What a gift you carry in you. What a womb that has held the spirit babies that come to a time of great awakening! What a tremendous and incredible thing that you are growing new life from your bones and blood and breath.

Blessings on your birth journey that you have already begun to undertake.

Blessings on the sea of possibility that is you. The waves of strength that you alone create.

Blessings on the music that will be uttered from your throat, from the humming to the roaring. All of it music.

Blessings on the vibration of your skin, pulling that pulsing birth energy from the beginning of the beginning through you to the portal of breath.

Thank you for letting us hold you in reverence. Thank you for letting us witness your full-on courage and willingness to participate in this LIFE. Thank you for bearing LIFE.

May you feel protected. May you feel safe. May you feel the full harmony of our collective support for you.

You are loved..

Blessingway Ceremony Keeper Package 


60 minute 1-on-1 Birth Preparation session with Megan

90- minute Mother Blessingway virtual ceremony

Bespoke invitation to the Blessingway with instructions for all attendees 

A Blessing Book with all of the words spoken to the mother 

A recording of the ceremony to treasure for a lifetime

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