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You wake up with bone-deep exhaustion or a mind that pushes anxious thoughts to the forefront as soon as your eyes open. Your belly feels hollow and your heart feels tight. Strangely, your mind cannot focus, but everyone calls it “mom brain”. You feel like crying, but are afraid that if you start, it won’t stop. Panic is a constant companion. You may tell your birth story, but at the end of it, you don’t remember what you said and you felt ‘blacked out’ in the telling. Or worse, you’ve never told anyone. 


Or you feel none of this because you are numb to yourself. You don’t want to talk about your birth and feel triggered by other people’s birth stories. You do not want to go through pregnancy again because there is nothing that you would do to ever experience what happened in your birth again. It seems like your body betrayed you and you are alone with a tiny creature that is taking everything out of you. 


You often think, is this just motherhood? Is this normal? Surely it can’t be.

The woman you were before birth is not the woman you are now and you struggle to recognize yourself. Perhaps you went through a birth that did not go to plan and your life and the life of your baby were put at risk. Or things spun out and you had a C-Section. Perhaps the medical professionals and support persons in your hospital or homebirth were swept away by their own fear and overpowered your birth desires. Interventions stacked up. And the isolation of postpartum recovery is overwhelming you moment to moment. 


 You may have heard language like, “If you do not do this, you or your baby could die.”... “We are only doing a cervical check for information.”... “Risk of side effects are rare”... “Can you just hold on, the doctor isn’t here yet.” Or your medical provider did something without your consent… “Oops, the cord broke.” “Oh, I just gave you pitocin automatically.” 


“That’s against policy.” “Just calm down.” “Your cervix is not working right.” “Your uterus is not working right.” “You need to lie on your back for your safety.” “Your baby is stuck” “It is for your own good.”

With so much confusion, the necessary element to move forward from your birth is unpacking the trauma and stored distress energy with a woman who understands. Your next step towards healing is finding the truth of what happened to you during birth with someone who won’t gaslight you. You need a spiritual wombyn healer to hold you as you tell your birth story and transmute the pain.

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In every Birth, three holy beings are born: the baby, the placenta and the story. Like your baby and your placenta, your birth story must be delivered safely from your heart and mind. Take a slow breath and imagine a warm and unhurried space to tell your whole story with a holistic birth guide. The moments of confusion are brought into focus as your unheard questions are finally voiced. The injustices and f^ckery you endured finally have a non-judgemental witness. What can seem like inconsequential moments can hold the keys to your understanding.


As a Birth Keeper and Midwife for the Soul, Mother Megan creates the sacred container for your Holy Birth Story. Telling your tale can be the integrating tool you need to process what went down so you can start to uplevel your powerful work as a mother. Megan experienced birth trauma and deeply believes that the telling is FUNDAMENTAL to the process of healing. 


You can do this and you don’t need to do it alone. 

In fact, it can’t be done alone.

I was able to talk chronologically through my birth experience and unpack some of the negative emotions I had about it so I could move into more hopeful, positive emotions. I needed the birth debrief session with every fiber of my being. I believe every woman would benefit from it.

~ Sarah W., new Mother

This is a 2 session package of 60 minutes each. They can be scheduled at any time. In the first session we’ll largely focus on the content of your story. In the second session, we’ll get to work understanding the story from a spiritual lens, exploring who you are today and what you can do now.

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