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Midwife for the soul

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I am not your healer,

The Healer is Within You.


I am not your teacher,

You only Learn when you are Ready.


I am not your hero,

You Save Yourself from your own suffering.


I am your Sister,

I will Walk beside You.


I am your Mirror,

I will hold up only Your Truth to Reflect back to you.


I am your Midwife for the Soul,

I am with you in Holy Trust for your ReBirth.


I am a Medicine Woman,

And the Medicine is in You.

~ Mother Megan

Megan Soto Kane's two decade career as a healing arts professional has impacted thousands of spiritmindbodies who range from women who are new mothers to world class athletes and dancers, movies producers and tech executives, those without organs, the dying, and the bereaved.  

Wellness, loving right relationship, wholeness in nature, body sovereignty, undisturbed birth and spiritual freedom are the birth right of every human.


Mother Megan is putting the power for spirit-led self responsibility back into your hands. She lives in the forest of Nevada City with her 2 awesome kids and her Beloved. 



I did not get to this spirit-led purposeful work by accident. Each mentor was instrumental for providing a new layer of understanding. While I do not practice or transmit any of their explicit bodies of work anymore, they all have a respected seat of counsel in my particular iteration of soul work. 


Gratitude to my ancestors. To the mystic Celtic and Mayan foremothers that passed on the ways of Spirit and Earth in their mitochondria. To the deep pain in both lineages that taught me the necessity of healing work and transmuting trauma as a way to honor those who came before us.


Gratitude to my many teachers and mentors. To the incredible massage instructors and energy healers at MTI in Davis, particularly Shinzo Fujimaki for teaching me how to speak energy through Shiatsu. To the professors in the Religious Studies department and Dance department at UC Santa Barbara, especially Dr. Richard Hecht for guidance on my thesis of “Sacred Themes in Contemporary Secular Dance”. Deep Gratitude to Katy Bowman and the RES community for teaching me how to see the body as a biomechanical organism, how to believe in healing within aligned environments. Many thanks to Jill Miller for her work on the facia body and her warm, punny way of teaching. Gratitude to Mantak Chia for teaching some of the most powerful chi work and passing on the Taoist healing methods. Thank you shiatsu master Matthew Swiegart for coming into my life recently and offering to share space with me so I can do what I am here to do. 


Abundant thanks to Emilee Saldaya and Yolande Norris-Clark for transmitting the sacred art of authentic midwifery. Thank you for introducing “The Work” by Byron Katie and the tools from the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. 


To the thousands of bodies who have received bodywork by my hands- I could never express fully how beautiful and unbroken you have always been. Humbled thanks to all the mothers that invited me into their birth space. From you, I learned more about what is to be a woman and what is to be treated as a woman. Each of you are dear to me. To all my spiritual counseling clients, thank you for the communions and letting me be the witness of your beautiful emergence. 


Thank you to my teachers who brought unwanted lessons and heartache. Your actions and words brought ample opportunities for me to heal stories and practice firm boundaries. You keep revealing how we are all interconnected.


To God, the Creator, the Force that Moves in All Things - make me an instrument of thy peace.

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